• Early Access (Phase I) 📍

Brand Identity Curation

Token Utility + Platform Whitepaper

Marketing Structure Established

Early Community Foundation

Advisor Onboarding

Token Presale Round

  • Solmedia Launch (Phase II) 📍

Raydium Token Launch

Solmedia Mass User Onboarding

Integrating Solmedia Channel Monetization

Solana DApp Store Mobile Launch

CMC/CG Token Listings

  • Platform Scale (Phase III) 📍

Massive Marketing Push

Expansion to the Asian Market

Solmedia Creator Deals

Partnerships & Collaborations

Community Feedback & UI Updates

  • Brand Establishment (Phase IV) 📍

Livestreaming Implementation for Creators

CEX Token Listings

Solmedia Self-Served Advertising Implementation for Brands

Additional Creator Monetization Incentives

Mass Platform Scalability

Solana Social-Fi Market Dominance

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